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Our Team


Delta Health and Safety is a strong team that has been working together for many years. Established in 1994, Delta is as old as our new South Africa. The core team has a combined history in PPE of over 100 years. Many of the people we deal with say that we have a stable, warm, family-style company culture.

Our Work


We sell quality fit-for-purpose PPE to end-users and resellers. We don’t position our products based on pricing, but on being the right protection for the work application. Our team is more technically inclined, often digging a little deeper to better understand your needs, and so recommend the best solution for you. This means that we need to be thorough, ask lots of questions, and be curious by nature.

Our Suppliers


The suppliers we work with have all been specifically and carefully chosen. They place high value on quality, integrity, and innovation. We only work with reputable brands that conform to and exceed minimum standards on PPE. In fact, our suppliers are often leaders in the creation of newer, better products that exceed existing standards, and form the basis for future standards. We have chosen our suppliers because they understand the need for quality and high-performance products. Many of them own their entire manufacturing process. This means they have full control over the quality of the products they make, the products we have confidence in distributing to you.

Our customers


If you want the assurance that you are getting the best product for the purpose, at a quality that can be trusted, then you want to deal with Delta Health and Safety. We strive to understand your work environment, and to help you ensure that you are meeting the correct standards with the PPE we supply you.


Our stakeholders


Delta Health and Safety Equipment is a proud member of Signa Group. Signa Group is a collective of shared businesses with a common vision of preparing Africa for a working future by offering solutions to economic challenges. Since 2004, Signa Group has emerged empowering South Africans to reach their full potential. Collectively, Signa Group is the leading company in economic transformation solutions with a core focus on B-BBEE compliance, teaching individuals new skills, helping businesses succeed, making smart investments, creating jobs, managing bursaries, improving communities, and leveraging technology to move forward. Signa Group is committed to driving sustainable growth, empowerment, and positive change.

Accreditations & Associations

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Nationwide Network

No matter where you are in South Africa, we have a nationwide network of delivery and courier partners to service you. We supply to all provinces with an option to suit your needs and budget.

What Our Customers Say

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