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Haws Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations


In 1906, Luther Haws patented the water fountain, and the Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Company was formed.


Haws began manufacturing emergency equipment such as drench showers and eyewashes in the 1950s. It became the Haws Corporation in 1998 but had been manufacturing quality products since its inception.


With its headquarters in the United States, Haws is run today by the third, fourth and fifth generations of the family. Delta Health and Safety is a proud supplier of this Haws quality emergency equipment.

The Application of Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations


Installation of safety showers and eyewash stations is essential where an employee risks contact with a hazardous substance. Exposing the skin or eyes to chemicals can cause severe and permanent injury. Safety showers rinse chemicals off skin or clothing, and eyewash stations flush chemicals from the eyes.


Sections 3 (8) and (9) of the OHS Act govern the application of safety showers and eyewash stations in South Africa. The Act and global good practice set out requirements for this decontamination equipment. Units must be:


  • accessible within 10 seconds of any identified hazard
  • able to run water for a minimum of 15 minutes
  • have a flow pressure soft enough not to cause further damage
  • activation valves that can open within one second and remain open
Haws 8320CRP Combination Unit | Safety Shower Eyewash | Delta Health and Safety Equipment

Haws Innovation


Haws and Delta Health and Safety appreciate the significance of durable and practical equipment. Haws is a company founded on innovation, and it has continued this tradition, consistently developing its emergency equipment.

AXION® MSR Eye/Face Wash Head Assembly


Traditionally eyewashes irrigate from the outside of the eye inwards, even though this is not the medical protocol.

With the Axion MSR eye/face wash assembly, the flow design is inverted. This prevents contaminants from being washed towards the nasal cavity.

Haws design is in line with medical protocol as it washes the eye from the inner corner outwards. In addition, the eyewash stations have enhanced comfort, stability and effectiveness because of Zero Vertical Velocity™ stream engineering.


Haws Drench Shower


Drench showers are essential emergency equipment in environments where there is the risk of exposure to corrosive materials.


Haws AXION MSR Emergency Drench Shower is constructed from hot-dipped galvanized steel making it durable and compliant. It also comes with a pre-built valve assembly, considerably reducing installation time.

Haws 8100 Drench Shower

AXION® MSR ABS Showerhead


The Haws AXION MSR ABS drench showerhead minimizes strong physical pressure. In a standard showerhead, this pressure drives water to the outer rim. The AXION MSR ABS ensures that there is an equal distribution across the entire showerhead.


It breaks the streams of water into smaller droplets and allows for uniform drenching. In addition, Haws inventive showerhead design creates a more effective and more comfortable drench shower environment.

Haws Combination Units


A combination unit incorporates an eyewash station into a safety shower. This amalgamation makes for a highly functional, space-saving piece of emergency equipment. It can flush the entire body at once and is effective in environments containing many chemicals.


Haws combinations units all have unique benefits but come standard with the following quality innovations.


  • The Eye/face wash and valve assembly are pre-built and thoroughly water/pressure tested to ensure no leaks
  • A pull lever and push stainless steel flag operations to ensure simple flow starts
  • A water strainer prevents debris from reaching the eyewash


Additional Haws Combination Unit Features


Delta Health and Safety supplies Haws combination units with the following specifications:


  • An AXION MSR hydrodynamic ABS plastic drench showerhead with 2 GPM flow control
  • An AXION MSR eye/face wash head with 3.7 GPM flow control
  • A Stainless steel 27.9cm round bowl
  • A chrome-plated brass stay-open ball valve with a stainless steel ball and stem
  • A chrome-plated brass in-line 50 x 50 mesh water strainer
  • Schedule 40 hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes and fittings
  • A powder-coated cast-iron 22.9 cm diameter floor flange
  • Self-adhesive high visibility safety green and bright yellow stripes, universal sign, and 1-1/4” iron pipe or US national pipe tapered threads supply
Haws 8300 Combination Unit | Safety Shower | Delta Health and Safety Equipment



Extra Specifications

  • Green epoxy paint coating improves protection and provides increased toughness in a long-lasting corrosion resistant product.
  • Green corrosion resistant epoxy coating
  • Yellow plastic pop-off dust cover for eyewash head
  • Stainless steel receptor provides corrosion resistance.

Haws Eyewash Stations


An eyewash station is essential when the risk of splash, irritant or debris into the eyes exists. To comply with international good practice an eyewash with one-second activation should be accessible. Units should be situated not more than ten seconds away from the hazard.


Haws trademarked Zero Vertical Velocity™ stream engineering provides an even laminar flow for enhanced comfort, stability and effectiveness. In addition, Delta Health and Safety supplies Haws eyewash stations to ensure that your workplace is well equipped.




Extra Specifications

Faucet-Mounted Eyewash Axion Eyepod
  • Thermostatic shutoff to protect the user from water over 37.8°C
  • Supplied with a standard 55/64-27 female connection or four adaptor options
  • 3.8 L laminar flow faucet outlet
  • Polished stainless steel finish
  • 30-90 psi operating pressure
Axion® MSR Unmounted Eye/Face Wash
  • Mesh in-line strainer to collect line debris
  • Chrome-plated brass stay-open ball valve with a stainless steel ball and stem for durability
  • Yellow plastic pop-off dust cover for eyewash head
  • Universal Sign
  • 27.9 cm stainless steel round bowl
  • Mould and mildew protection on treated components
  • 3.7 GPM flow control
Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash
  • Portable full patterned flushing feature
  • Gravity-fed flow
  • Easily activated yellow activation arm
  • Wide-fill opening with threaded cap for easy inspection, cleaning and filling
  • Easily mounted and light design to ensure portability
  • High-density green polyethylene tank
  • 60.6 L tank
  • ABS plastic eyewash heads
  • 1.5 L flow rate over 15 minutes
  • Handles on top and sides
  • Label–mounted operation and maintenance instructions
  • Stainless steel wall bracket

Delta Health and Safety Providing Quality Haws Emergency Equipment


Haws creates pioneering emergency equipment which is highly reputable. Delta Health and Safety is pleased to make it accessible to the South African market.


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