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Delta Health and Safety strive to gain an intimate understanding of our customers and their safety needs. This allows us to provide each client with the best glove suited to the tasks at hand.


Showa shares Delta Health and Safety’s approach, allowing us to take our end-users protection to a higher level. Speak to one of our sales team to assist you.




Showa supplies a range of hand protection for an extensive range of industries. Their gloves serve to protect the hands from common mechanical or chemical hazards.


Whether a job entails general maintenance or heavy lifting, Showa’s all-around, multi-purpose gloves will protect your workforce.

Showa 370B general purpose glove | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety
Showa 4570 general purpose glove | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety
Showa 350 general purpose glove | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety
Showa 7000P general purpose glove | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety


Featured Product

Suggested Environments


Nitrile Showa 350 Atlas Nitrile Transport, public utilities, mechanical, logistics, construction EN 388:2016 4121X
Latex Showa 306 Construction, agriculture, logistics, exterior works, warehousing EN 388:2016 2121X
PVC Showa Atlas 660 Petrochemical, janitorial, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and laboratory EN 388:2016 3000X
Polyurethane Showa 541 Transport, metallurgy, mechanical, logistics, steel erecting, construction, automotive EN 388:2016 4121X

Chemical Protection


Delta Health and Safety provide a far-reaching range of chemical hand protection by stocking Showa hand protection. We ensure that end-users have protective options against most oils, hydrocarbons, acids and corrosive substances.


The Showa chemical protection range consists of nitrile, biodegradable nitrile, neoprene, PVC, butyl and Viton gloves. In chemical environments, it is essential that you choose the proper protection as 30% of injuries are caused by wearing the wrong glove.


This choice can be complex as the list of chemicals the end-user is exposed to can seem endless. This is why Showa has created ChemRest.com , the world’s first free and comprehensive guide for chemical hand protection.


Contact our Delta Health and Safety Team to advise you on the correct glove for your environment.

Showa chm chemical resistant glove neoprene latex | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety

Construction and Hand Protection


Injuries on duty can cause a multitude of expenses for both employer and end-user. For example, there are medical costs, time off losses, or potential legal payments.


More importantly, injuries on duty can have severe emotional and social effects on the victims and those around them. The construction industry is one where the risk of injury on duty is high. Showa has found that 25% of all lost-time accidents involve hands, and 7% of accidents involving hands lead to permanent disability.


Delta Health and Safety wants to play a part in mitigating this risk by supplying Showa’s trade-specific gloves.


Showa’s gloves are split into five main categories to help clients decide how to protect the end-user best.

Showa cut protection gloves DURACoil 577 | Delta Health and Safety
Showa cut protection gloves DURACoil 576 | Delta Health and Safety
Showa cut protection gloves DURACoil 546X | Delta Health and Safety
Showa cut protection gloves DURACoil 546W | Delta Health and Safety

Work Category

General Handling Models

Chemical Models

Cut Protection Models

Cold Models

Public Work (driving machines, maintenance, slingers/signaller, demolition)


306, 377, Atlas 350 KV660 DURACoil 576

DURACoil 577

Atlas 451
Foundations/Structure (steel fixing, concreting, steel erector, shuttering, pouring concrete, mechanical and engineering)


306, 377, Atlas 370B, Atlas 350 660


DURACoil 546,

DURACoil 386,

DURACoil 546W

DURACoil 576


Atlas 451
Scaffolder Atlas 370B, Atlas 350 DURACoil 576

DURACoil 577


Atlas 451
Mason (laying brick, cementing, mortar) 306, 377, Atlas 370B, Atlas 350 660


DURACoil 576

DURACoil 577


Atlas 451
Roofer and carpenter 306, 341, Atlas 370B, Atlas 350 DURACoil 546

DURACoil 577


Atlas 451
Glass and glazing 430 DURACoil 546 DURACoil 346

DURACoil 576

DURACoil 577



Atlas 451
Plumber – heating KV660 DURACoil 546
Electrician DURACoil 546
Tiler 430


DURACoil 576

DURACoil 577


Atlas 451
Painter and decorator/ plasterer 377 DURACoil 546

DURACoil 346

Atlas 451

Impact Protection


When grip and protection from impact are as important as each other, Showa provides the 377 solution. This model protects the knuckles, thumb and fingers while preventing grease and liquid penetration. In addition, the 377, comprised of nitrile, offers tear resistance and impact protection while preserving flexibility and agility.



Suggested Environments


Showa 377 Drilling, digging, deck crew, fitters, riggers, pipefitters, handling heavy equipment, demolition EN 388:2016 4121X

Cut Protection


Cuts or lacerations cause more than 80% of all hand and arm injuries. Delta Health and Safety brings you Showa’s DURACoil and S-TEX series of materials specifically designed for cut protection.


DURACoil is created by wrapping multifilament polyester around a cut-resistant fibre, then reinforcing it with high-performance polyethylene. The result is a comfortable multi-purpose cut protective glove enhanced by different coatings fit-for-purpose.


Showa uses the unique Hagane Coil technology in their S-TEX range. A stainless steel core is bound with yarn to create fibre that provides high protection and flexibility.


According to international EN 388: 2016 (ISO 13997) standards, two tests are performed to rate cut protection. First, a Coup Test measures the number of cycles required to cut through a glove.


The second test is a TDM-100 test which measures NEWTONS of force up to 30+N. These tests produce a rating reported as A – F. A being the least cut-resistant and F being the most. Use the table below to determine the level of cut protection you require.

Showa KV660 chemical resistant glove PVC kevlar lined | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety
Showa 541 cut resistant polyurethane coated | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety
Showa 8110 cut resistant glove HPPE fiber | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety
Showa 8115 cut resistant glove HPPE fiber | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety

Cut Level Needed

End-user Environments

Suggested Models

EN 388: 20161 Tested to ISO 13997 Rating

Low Light material handling, small parts assembly (without sharp edges), cardboard packaging, general-purpose, shipping and receiving 541, KV660 A


Low Aircraft engine building and assembly, white goods manufacturing, carbon fibre handling, recycling component dismantling, 541, KV660 B


Medium Metal panels, small parts assembly (with sharp edges), light automotive body assembly, sheet glass handling in production, electrical wire and component assembly 546X, 546, 546W, 346, 386, 576 C


High Steel fixing and erecting, medium pressing oily metal parts, canning and bottling, food preparation and processing, automotive maintenance and repair  

541 HPPE Palm Plus, 350 Atlas Nitrile, 377 Nitrile Foam Grip



High Cable trunking, food deboning, glass and window handling, heavy pressing oily metal parts, metal cut-off recycling 8110 E


High Meat processing, heavy-duty glass and bottling, pulp and paper, heavy metal sheet handling, canning 577 F


Insulated Hand Protection


Insulated gloves protect against extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.


Cold Protection


Protection from the cold is vital to keep your blood temperature and heart rate within normal range. Insulated gloves in extreme cold also protect the end-user from blisters, slipping and provide optimum comfort.

Showa 451 general purpose thermal glove | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety
Showcase Product
Suggested Environments
Showa 451 Thermo
  • Water repellent
  • Breathable
  • 10-gauge insulated seamless liner and natural rubber palm coating.
Winter general-purpose, construction, logistics and warehousing, assembly, agriculture, lawn and garden, DIY, refrigeration

Heat Protection


Extreme heat results in burns, which often lead to long-term pain and scar tissue. Showa insulated gloves offer protection from temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius.


Showcase Product
Suggested Environments
Showa 8814 Charguard
  • Non-woven liner
  • 355 mm long
  • Black colour
  • Textured coating
  • Slip-on design
Construction, maritime sector, metallurgy, oil and gas /offshore



The body creates electrical charges which can easily damage components such as circuit boards. Delta Health and Safety has access to Showa’s range of antistatic gloves and liners to prevent this.

Showa 660ESD chemical resistant PVC Antistatic gloves | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety



Showa is an innovator in the manufacturing of single-use hand protection. Delta Health and Safety stocks the single-use nitrile range.


This range consists of 11 different styles with four thicknesses and two lengths. Showa’s single-use gloves are suitable for an extensive range of industries.


  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Cleanroom
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Automotive
Showa 8500 disposable nitrile glove | Hand Protection | Delta Health Safety

Biodegradable Gloves


Delta Health and Safety supplies Showa’s biodegradable gloves as an eco-friendly alternative to standard single use gloves. These gloves perform as well as standard single-use gloves with the added benefit that they take 97% less time to break down.


They consist of 100% nitrile with Eco Best Technology. Allergy risks are significantly reduced, too, because these gloves are powder-free with zero natural rubber latex proteins.


Showa’s 6110PF EBT disposable gloves are available in black and green and suitable for various industries.


  • Public utilities
  • Cleaning services
  • Health care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Landscaping
  • Food processing
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture


Delta Health and Safety also supply Showa’s 4552 and 731 biodegradable glove options. Protect your staff and the earth with Showa and Delta Health and Safety.

Showa 6110 chemical resistant gloves biodegradable disposable nitrile | Hand Protection | Delta Health and Safety

Showa and Delta Providing Hand Protection for All Environments


Showa is the forerunner in many hand protection technological advancements, allowing Delta Health and Safety to supply top quality.

We are committed to bringing you the ultimate defence, regardless of the environment. With Showa, we surpass this goal.


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