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Arc and Hand Protection By Dromex


As part of our commitment to provide our customers with long-lasting and trustworthy PPE, we’re proud to be an official supplier of Dromex products.


The company has high esteem in the PPE industry for the development of specialised ranges. Their brand seal ensures high quality and technical standards.

Arc Protection Range


Dromex supplies a comprehensive arc protection range. They source their materials and garments from international partners, ensuring high-quality products. A specialised fabric blend characterised by Arc Protective Technologies (APT) is exclusive to Dromex products. These products comply with NFPA, ASTM, EN, SABS and IEC standards.


Every garment in the Arc Protection Range carries an ATPV arc rating. The rating allows our clients to accurately assess which products will be suitable to the environments of their end-users.


The information and tables below will help you to assess which products you may need. If you are unsure of your requirements, the Delta Health and Safety team is here for you and on hand to assist. You can also read more about what arc protection is and why you need it.

Dromex Arc Suit 55 cal is blue in colour and consists of jacket, hood, bib and brace, with elasticated cuffs and velcro on ankles

Arc Protective Clothing Essentials


Dromex has considered the end-users level of exposure in their arc protection range.



ATPV Arc Rating

Arc Dust Coat 15 cal 15 cal/cm2
Arc Thermal Jacket 25 cal 25 cal/cm2
Arc X Bib 15 cal 15 cal/cm2


Dromex’s scope of products offers an arc protection dust coat with a 15 cal rating. The dust coat is offered in small to 3XL and has flame retardant buttons and flame retardant tape on both arms.


Delta Health and Safety also supply a Dromex 25 cal thermal jacket and 15 cal reflective bib.

Arc-Rated Suits


Dromex has a vast range of protective arc suits, both arc rated protective wear and non-arc-rated resistant suits.


The range offers a suit with a rating of 25 cal. Delta Health and Safety also supply a 15 cal one-piece boilersuit. In addition, we provide a Dromex superior quality oil and gas boilersuit.



ATPV Arc Rating


Arc Boilersuit 15 cal 15 cal/cm2 Substations and switch rooms, utilities and power generators, industrial electrical maintenance and installations
Arc Suit 25 cal 25 cal/cm2 Substations and switch rooms, utilities and power generators, industrial electrical maintenance and installations
Arc Suit 55 cal 55 cal/ cm2 Substations and switch rooms, utilities and power generators, industrial electrical maintenance and installations
Dromex arc x bib 15 cal is a bib or vest that is high viz orange in colour with yellow and silver reflective tape
Dromex Arc Dust Coat 15cal is navy blue in colour with reflective strips on elbows and chest
Dromex Arc boilersuit 15 cal is dark blue in colour, with reflective tape on the knees and elbows
Dromex Arc Suit 25 cal is dark blue in colour with elasticated wrists and 3 pockets with flaps

BSD Technology


Delta Health and Safety supply you with Dromex’s quality arc protective clothing and chemical protection options. In addition, Dromex has created a highly rated 55 cal/cm2 suit that includes a visor with BSD real view technology.


BSD real view technology allows the wearer to experience 95% realistic colour reproduction while wearing the visor. This technology reflects thermal radiation and prevents aging of the visor.


Non-Arc Rated Suits




Disposable coverall Promax C4000 Tank cleaning, petrochemical, refining applications, maintenance, chemical handling and distribution, chemical clean-ups, oil spill management and contaminated land cleaning
Flame and Acid Resistant Conti Suit D59 Petrochemical, oil and gas, utilities power generation, mining industry, maintenance and repairs including installations
Oil and gas boilersuit Poseidon 220 Refineries, maritime, oil and gas, emergency response teams

Hand Protection


Dromex has a range of hand protection consisting of nearly 100 products for varying environments. From aluminium gloves for forging to cold storage handling gloves resistant to extreme temperatures, Dromex has a suitable product.


Dromex’s arc protection gloves comprise of leather and Aramid fibre which has strong fire-resistant properties. These gloves are suited for use with high voltage equipment and in power and utility companies.




Arc Leather Glove 51 cal
  • High cut level D protection
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High resistance to snatch, tear and heat
  • Multi-layer protection for flexibility, comfort and installation
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Shirred extended 16 cm cuff
  • 380g per pair
  • 51 cal/cm3
Dromex Arc Leather Gloves 51 cal are off white in colour with brown binding around the wrists

Delta Health and Safety Providing Quality Dromex Protection


Delta Health and Safety takes pride in supplying quality PPE for challenging environments. Together with Dromex, we believe in providing our end-user with durable equipment to ensure maximum protection.


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