Dromex Arc Leather Glove 51 cal

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Dromex Arc Leather Glove 51 cal is suitable for use in industries where exposed to high voltage arc blast such as power companies, installation, maintenance, and repairs involving high voltage equipment.

Dromex Arc Leather Glove 51 cal


The Dromex Arc Leather Glove 51 cal is suitable for protection against arc and flame for use in substations, power generators and industrial electrical maintenance.


When working on equipment that is energized or potentially energized, workers must be protected against electric shock, electrocution and arc flash. Arc flash presents a serious risk. Arc flash occurs when energy is released from an electric arc. This can happen when a fault, or short circuit condition, passes through the arc gap. The reasons for arc flash occuring include accidental contact (e.g. with a tool), ageing, deterioration or corrosion of equipment or parts, underrated equipment for the available short circuit current, tracking or contamination over insulated surfaces and so on.


Arc flash suits meet a range of performance levels, typically measured in terms of calories of energy per square centimeter. Thus, a set of “12 CAL” jacket & bib overalls are designed to protect workers from arc flashes that produce less than 12 cal/cm2 of heat energy. These suits would also meet the NFPA 70E PPE standard of “CAT 2.” These ratings give the user an indication of protection level needed according to the severity of the arc flash. The higher the CAL and CAT numbers, the higher the arc rating you need to provide adequate protection from an arc flash.

Additional safety features are often built into the arc flash suit. For instance, many suits have reflective tape sewn into the arms and legs. These help the wearer be visible in the dark. Given that electrical repair often takes places in dimly lit places (and places that can become completely dark in the event of an electrical explosion and subsequent power outage) visibility helps with safety—as well as with finding people in the event of an arc flash incident. An arc flash causes smoke and chaos, so making it easy for rescue crew or coworkers to spot the affected employees makes for a better overall safety environment.


Source: Enespro


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Features of Dromex Arc Leather Glove 51 cal:

  • 51 CAL/CM² arc rated leather gloves
  • High cut level D protection
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • High resistance to snatch, tear, cut and heat
  • Multi-layer protection provides flexibility, comfort and excellent insulationLeather glove lined with Aramid fibre
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Shirred extended 16cm cuff
  • Cow split leather 1mm
  • 380g per pair (size L)



  • 8 – 11

Suitable Use:

  • Utilities & Power Companies
  • Installation, maintenance & repairs of high voltage equipment



  • EN 388:2016 – 3X33D
  • EN 407:2004 – X1XXXX
  • Arc 4

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