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Delta Health and Safety presents our customers with the Brady advantage. Brady is an international company centred in global good practice for identification, safety and compliance.


The company’s continually innovative and effective identification solutions are essential in the industry. And, when it comes to lockout/tagout and identification, Delta Health and Safety trusts Brady’s comprehensive range for our customers.


About Brady


The W.H. Brady Company founded Brady in 1914. The company started off selling retail displays and calendars, which led to the development of labels. The company’s extreme temperature resistant identification labels used for aeroplane wiring we introduced in the 1940s. By 1999 Brady began trading on the New York Stock Exchange, and their innovation has not stopped.

Brady Universal Valve Lockout | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety
Brady Tank Valve Lockout | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety
Brady Prinzing Ball Valve Lockout | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety
Brady Plug Valve Lockout | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety

Why do I need a Lockout/Tagout Programme?


15 to 20% of workplace accidents happen during maintenance work. A lockout/tagout programme mitigates this risk and has become globally recognised as Best Safety Practice.


Benefits of a lockout/tagout program


  • Reduced accident rates
  • Reduced injury costs
  • Reduced indirect costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased productivity


How Does Lockout/Tagout work?


Lockout/tagout uses a mechanical device to prevent the transmission or release of energy physically.


All plant equipment energy, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, or otherwise, is potentially hazardous if not shut off during maintenance. Most industrial or plant equipment has more than two types of energy present. Lockout/tagout ensures de-energisation and isolation of all potentially hazardous energies allowing for safe maintenance.

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Solutions


Mechanical Lockout


Securing a valve in the off position during service or maintenance is a mechanical lockout. It is vital in preventing injury or the unexpected start-up of machinery and equipment.






Butterfly Valve Lockout

Polypropylene Red, Green 2 can be applied


  • Non-conductive
  • 183°C max service temperature

Cable Lockout

Body – Impact modified nylon

Cable – Non-coated galvanised steel

Blue, Red, Yellow 1 can be applied
  • Simple to use
  • Works well for difficult lockout situations

Gate Valve Lockout

Polypropylene Blue, Green, Red, Yellow 1 can be applied
  • -20°C – 150°C service temperatures

Mini Cable Lockout

Cable – vinyl-coated steel or nylon Red 6 can be applied
  • Non-conductive if nylon cable option is selected

Plug Valve Lockout


Polypropylene Red 1 can be applied
  • Durable and tamper-resistant
  • Sizes to fit most 25 to 203mm diameter
  • Manually-activated plug valves
  • -20°C – 80°C service temperatures

Prinzing Ball Valve Lockout


Ultra-tough Polypropylene Red, Blue, Green, Yellow 5 can be applied
  • Large size for pipes from 50 – 200mm diameter
  • Small (pipes from 14.5 – 52.50mm diameter)
  • Locks out valve in an open or closed position
  • Non-conductive
  • -20°C – 80°C service temperatures

Tank Valve Lockout


Polystyrene Plastic Red 2 can be applied
  • Used on cylinder tanks (including propane tanks), fork-lift trucks and stand-alone propane tanks
  • Non-conductive

Universal Valve Lockout


Industrial-grade steel and nylon / Glass-filled Nylon Red 2 can be applied
  • Available in large and small sizes
  • Cable and blocking arm add-ons available (sold separately)
  • Effective for standard valves, large levers, T-handles and hard-to-secure mechanical devices
  • Impact and chemical resistance

Electrical Lockout


Electrical lockout devices help prevent contact with hazards when by-passing or deactivating safeguarding measures during maintenance. Brady’s electrical lockout products are of high quality.  Avoid electrical accidents when maintaining high and low voltage applications with these lockout solutions supplied by Delta Health and Safety.


Circuit Breaker Lockout


Miniature Breaker Lockouts


  • No tools to install
  • Standard “Pin” style lockouts
  • Install with the aid of a push button.

Tie Bar Lockouts


  • Convenient thumbwheel is available for single and multi-pole breakers.

Oversized Breaker Lockout


  • For 480/600V switches up to 57mm wide and 22m thick.
  • Applies in seconds with thumbscrew mechanism.
  • 1 padlock can be applied.

“No-hole” Circuit Breaker Lockout


  • Thumbscrews clamp securely onto the switch tongue and lock in place.
  • Detachable cleats expand the range of applicable breakers.
  • 1 padlock can be applied.

Single Pole Circuit Breaker Lockout


  • Designed for 120V breakers with holes in the switch tongue.
  • Dual cavities accommodate different size switch tongues.
  • 1 padlock can be applied.

3-In-1 Electrical Plug Lockout





Thermoplastic lockout solution accommodating high and low-voltage plugs. Yellow
  • Accommodates small, medium and large diameter cords.
  • Accommodates plugs up to 76 mm in diameter and 139 mm long.
  • English instruction labels
  • 1 padlock can be applied


Push Button and E Stop Covers





Designed for production and facility utility operating equipment.

Permanently installed to prevent access to the on, off and emergency stop controls.

  • Clear
  • Red
  • One time installation of the low profile, unobtrusive lockout base
  • No tools required for installation
  • Provides apparent visual indication of lockout
  • Size ranges from 16 mm to 30 mm
  • Covers accommodate standard NEMA 30.5 mm and IEC 22.5 mm buttons



Padlocks are essential in locking energy sources. The devices used to secure valves, electrical or other energy-producing equipment do not lock the items. Therefore, one or several padlocks are needed to lock this equipment.



Colours Available

Custom Keying Options Available

Laser Engraving Available

Shackle Dimensions


Standard Safety Padlocks


  • Used for industrial safety. Nylon non-conductive body.
  • No arc flash risk. Hardened steel shackle comes standard.
  • Nylon shackles or aluminium shackles are available on request.
  • Keyed different and have a key retaining system.
Blue, Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, White Yes Yes Clearance 20 mm

Diameter 6.5 mm

Height 38mm

Width 32mm

Supplied with padlock in English

Nylon Padlocks


  • Necessary for use in electrical applications.
  • Non-conductive and non-sparking.
  • No risk of arc flash.
Blue, Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, White Yes Yes Clearance 20 mm

Diameter 6.5 mm

Height 38 mm

Width 33 mm

Supplied separately in English

Laminated Steel Padlocks


  • Hardy and can withstand severe physical conditions
  • Reinforced laminated steel bodies and hardened steel shackles
  • Each body plate is coated individually for rust protection
  • Coloured bumpers for identification and protection
  • Conductive, not for use in electrical applications
Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, White Yes Yes (Bottom and key only) Clearance 18.5 mm

Diameter 7 mm

Height 20 mm, 38 mm, 51 mm

Width 32 mm

Supplied separately in English

Aluminium Padlocks


  • Comprised of solid aluminium bodies and shackles
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Conductive, not for use in electrical application
  • Resistant to corrosion and chemicals
Blue, Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow Yes Yes Clearance 20mm

Diameter 6.5mm

Height 25mm, 38mm, 75mm

Width 31.5mm

Supplied separately in English
Brady Laminated Steel Padlock | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety
Brady Standard Safety Padlock | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety
Brady Nylon Padlocks | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety
Brady Aluminium Padlock | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety

Padlock Extras


Key Systems


Brady padlocks come standard as “keyed differently”, meaning that no key can open more than one lock.


The locking mechanisms use 5- or 6- cylinders machined to exacting standards. This not only offers high levels of security but allows Brady to provide a greater number of unique keys. It is improbable that you would ever receive a duplicate lock.


To ensure that every lock you receive is different, Delta Health and Safety can chart the locks provided to you. In addition, most Brady padlock mechanisms are key retaining. This means that the padlock shackle must close correctly before the key is released.


Keyed Differently Keyed Alike Master Keyed Grand MasterKeyed
Padlocks come this way as standard. Ensures no key opens more than one lock. Available on request.

All locks in a set open with the same key. Beneficial when multiple locks assigned to one employee.

Available on request. A master key opens several differently keyed locks. Beneficial for supervisors, especially in emergencies. Available on request. Extension of the master key system. Each sector has a master key. Management can be provided with a grandmaster key to open locks across all sectors.
Custom Engraving


It is helpful to engrave safety padlocks with certain information. This may be the name of the assigned employee, their function or even your company logo.


Delta Health and Safety and Brady offer custom engraving. Just let us know where you want the printing, required size and provide a file of your logo.



Labelling your padlocks helps to let employees know that a machine is down for service or maintenance. Delta Health and Safety can provide Brady labels designed to fit their padlocks.


They are made of durable vinyl, contain front and reverse labels and are writable in pencil, pen or marker.

Hasps and Tags




Safety hasps are devices that increase the number of padlocks used in a lockout. This enables the energy source to be isolated by multiple workers. The lockout cannot be removed until each worker has completed their job and removed their padlock.



Tags detail who is responsible for installing the lockout device. They also contain the information of who may remove it.


  • Made from water, oil and extreme temperature resistant polyester.
  • Can be written on with a ballpoint or felt-tip pen.
  • Can be placed on a padlock shackle.
Brady Safety Hasp | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety



Benchtop Printers


Delta Health and Safety supplies Brady’s BBP85 Sign and Label Printer. This printer uses thermal transfer print technology to create visuals up to 254 mm wide. In addition, the large, user-friendly touchscreen lets you create custom multi-coloured visuals.


Handheld Printers






  • All in one labeller.
  • Label materials designed for harsh environments.
  • Labels stick for years to curved, highly textured or surfaces exposed to extreme temperatures.
Identification, Patch panel and terminal block marking, Rating plates, Wire and cable marking, voice and data communication

BMP 41 UK Label Printer

Creates die-cut or continuous labels up to 25mm wide. Wire and cable marking, Datacom and audio/visual equipment, labelling, Electrical ID, Panel ID, Product ID, Facility ID, Safety and maintenance, general identification

Portable Printers





BMP71 Label Printer

  • Speeds up labelling.
  • Prints die-cut, continuous and custom labelling.
  • Prints in more than 30 different materials.
  • Full keyboard.
  • Enlarged full-colour screen.
  • Rechargeable Nimh battery or AC power
  • 2-year Warranty
Telecom, Datacom, electrical, process industries.

BMP51 Labelmaker

  • Built-in Bluetooth technology for wireless printing.
  • Can design and print labels from your phone using Brady Mobile App.
  • 300 dpi print head
  • Built-in cutter.
  • Easy top-loading cartridges.
  • QWERTY keyboard.
Electrical, Datacom, facility, safety, product and panel manufacturing, and laboratory labelling applications.
Brady Portable Printer | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety
Brady Mobile Handheld Printer | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety
Brady Benchtop Printers | Lockout Tagout | Delta Health and Safety

Delta Health and Safety values Brady’s history and quality.


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