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“A man is known by the company he keeps” is an old proverb that is still of value today. The organisations we affiliate ourselves with, the suppliers we align with and our accreditations are show cased here. We believe in surrounding ourselves with those who believe in high standards, professionalism, innovation and integrity.

B-BBEEE level 2 accreditation | Delta Health and Safety

Delta believes and supports the spirit of B-BBEE, and we have achieved Level 2 accreditation.


B-BBEE is intended to stimulate the process of participation of previously disadvantaged groups in the economy to lead to increased economic growth.

There are other benefits to supporting the B-BBEE initiative:

  • If you are a larger business, you stand to benefit in doing business with us as it will improve your own B-BBEE score
  • By opting to do business with us as a B-BBEE supplier, you contribute directly to the economic transformation of South Africa


In order for a business to thrive in this day and age, adhering to the B-BBEE Act and codes is vital. Having a good B-BBEE status level is important in any tender process. As a Level 2 accredited business, Delta Health can assist you with B-BBEE compliant procurement.

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