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Accreditations & Associations

“A man is known by the company he keeps” is an old proverb that is still of value today. The organisations we affiliate ourselves with, the suppliers we align with and our accreditations are show cased here. We believe in surrounding ourselves with those who believe in high standards, professionalism, innovation and integrity.

B-BBEE Level 1 | Delta Health and Safety Equipment

Delta believes and supports the spirit of B-BBEE, and we have achieved Level 1 accreditation.


Delta Health and Safety is proud to have achieved a B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor status on our very first verification as a Generic Measured Entity according to the BBBEE legislation. As our current and future client, this is how our Level 1 B-BBEE status benefits you – Delta’s BEE 135% Preferential Procurement Recognition Level enables you to build your preferential procurement score faster.


View our certificate and see that our business’ BEE achievement gives you more benefits, for example:

  • our Black Woman Ownership and New Entrant status have other multiplier effects positively impacting your procurement spend recognition.


Contact us today for quality product at competitive rates, and a B-BBEE status that works the best for your own B-BBEE recognition. A company whose transformation journey has not only been uplifting at all levels and sections of our business: it has empowered. We are determined to be the industry leader – demonstrating that transformation in our business is an empowering supplier catalyst for positive impact on: individuals, the supply chain and community, in accordance with the true intentions of the BBBEE legislation.


We at Delta Health and Safety, are convinced our empowerment contributions are truly transformative!


Delta’s BEE 135% Preferential Procurement Recognition Level achievement enables you to achieve your preferential procurement scores faster. We are 100% Black Owned, further ehancing the 135% recognition by 120% ( i.e. x1.2) Therefore, any spend on Delta is ultimately counted at 162% recognition towards BEE procurement targets. To put it plainly, for every R100 Rand you spend on a Delta Health Safety invoice, you can claim:


  • R162 towards your target for BEE spend on all suppliers
  • R162 towards your target for BEE spend on suppliers with >51% Black Ownership
  • R162 towards your target for BEE spend on suppliers with >30% Black Women Ownership

That’s an incredible R486 contribution to crucial preferential procurement spend targets for every R100 spend with Delta.

Sapema Logo - Sapema Accreditation | Delta Health And Safety Equipment

Delta Health & Safety is a member of SAPEMA.


SAPEMA is dedicated to promote the manufacture and distribution of quality items of Personal Protective Equipment complying with recognised Safety standards.


Delta, together with SAPEMA, stands for Compliant Product, Correct Usage of PPE, Standards and Specifications. SAPEMA believes that through its members and the providing of PPE, its goal is to protect people in industry.

Saiosh Logo - Saiosh Accreditation | Delta Health And Safety Equipment

Delta Health & Safety is a member of SAIOSH.


Delta Health and Safety is a registered and paid up member of SAIOSH. We are committed to the same values and conduct as Saiosh.

Saiosh is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) which is committed to the prevention and reduction of work place incidents and accidents in South Africa.


Carefully Selected Suppliers


Our company covers the entire range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sourced from carefully selected suppliers who understand the need for quality and high performance products.


We aim to create solutions and source the relevant products needed by each individual company.

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