Welding Helmet

Welding helmets are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) used in welding and other metalworking processes to protect the operator’s eyes, face, and neck from sparks, spatter, and radiation. A welding helmet consists of a shell that covers the head and neck and a protective lens that shields the eyes from the intense light and UV radiation emitted during the welding process.


There are many kinds of welding helmets, ranging from traditional passive helmets with fixed shade lenses to advanced auto-darkening helmets that adjust their shade level automatically in response to the welding arc’s brightness, as well as the new Tru-Colour range that shows colours more accurately as they are. Passive helmets offer basic protection but are less versatile and require the welder to lift the helmet to inspect the weld or change positions. Auto-darkening helmets, on the other hand, provide greater convenience and safety by eliminating the need to lift the helmet, allowing the welder to work more efficiently. Tru-Colour helmets ensure accuracy with fine work.


When choosing a welding helmet consider the helmet’s weight and balance, the material used in construction, the helmet’s size and adjustability, and the availability of additional accessories such as respiratory protection, magnifying lenses, and sweatbands. Our sales team are available to assist with any questions you might have.


Welding helmets have come a long way in recent years, and the latest advancements in Tru-Colour view, auto-darkening technology, and ergonomics have made welding safer and more efficient than ever before.Welding helmets are a critical component of a welder’s PPE and should be chosen based on their ability to provide adequate protection, comfort, and convenience.


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