Do you have to wear a 3M disposable respirator?


Make sure you know how to fit it correctly. This video provides detailed instructions.


This fitting method can be applied to most 3M cup shaped disposable respirators. The performance of your respirator relies on an adequate seal between the respirator and your face.

  1. Before putting on the respirator, make sure that your face is clean and shaven to ensure a proper fit. If you have long hair, make sure that your hair is neatly tied and any jewellery is removed.
  2. Before fitting the respirator, make sure your hands are clean. Inspect your respirator for any damage before use. Cup the respirator with one hand with the nosepiece facing upward. Allow the headbands to hang freely. Cup the respirator under your chin with the nosepiece facing upward. Take both straps with your other hand and place them over your head. Place the top strap above your ear. Place the bottom strap below your ear. Ensure the straps have not become twisted.
  3. Use your fingers of both hands to press down on the top of your nose. Mould the nose clip to ensure a good fit and seal. Start from the top of the nose clip and progressively move down. Don’t use one hand to do this. Don’t start pressing from the bottom upward as it will not give you a good seal. Also don’t just press the sides, as this will also not give a good seal.
  4. How to check if the respirator is fitting properly:
    • The seal of your respirator should be fit checked before entering the work place. A fit check is done by covering the front of the respirator with both hands. Be careful not to disturb its fit.
    • For a valved respirator, inhale sharply. You should feel the respirator collapse slightly onto your face. It is does not then you should adjust the nose clip until you can feel that there are no air leaks.
    • For an un-valved respirator, exhale sharply. You should feel a slight positive pressure within the face piece. If not then adjust the nose clip and make sure that there is no air escaping from the mask as you exhale.
    • If you can still not ensure a proper fit, notify your supervisor and do not enter the hazardous area as this may be harmful to your health.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, due to stock unavailability Delta Health and Safety cannot supply facemasks to the public or any new B2B customers (FFP1/FFP2/FFP3/N95/1860 etc). Please refer to our respiratory product page to check on stock availability.


This information has been shared as a service in the public interest of health. Delta Health and Safety do not make any recommendation and urge all concerned parties to consult the relevant authorities for the most recent recommendations.

COVID-19 is an emerging disease. New knowledge is added daily and guidance may change as the situation evolves. Please consult the CDC website or your local authority regularly for the most up-to-date information

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