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How to Best Keep Your Employees Hands Protected


At Delta Health and Safety, we focus on stocking brands of the highest quality and integrity. That’s why it should be no surprise that we have a significant range of Showa hand protection.


Showa has done its research and manufactures only the best products designed for the specific jobs at hand. In this article, we unpack hand safety, its importance, what dangers to look out for, and how to best protect your staff with Showa.

Two Invaluable Tools


In medical terms, hands are known as neuromuscularly complex. This is because they involve many small intricate bones, tendons and muscles that must work together perfectly.


The movement of tendons, tissues, and nerves gives humans the ability to grip and the dexterity needed for complex jobs. However, the hand’s intricate design means that once injured recovery can take a long time. Even minor injuries or sprains take a long time to heal. This makes hands two of the most important tools to protect.

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Hand Protection with Showa Gloves | Delta Health & Safety Equipment

The Effects of Hand Injuries


Hand injuries can severely affect an employee’s ability to provide skilled and valuable work. Damage to the hands can even make attending to basic daily tasks difficult. The tiniest of chores that usually require little concentration become complex post-injury.


There are also many direct and indirect costs involved when an injury to the hand occurs. For example, monetary outlays like medical care, physical therapy and paid time off become expensive.


Furthermore, indirect effects can be even more costly. For example, pain and suffering, lowered morale, and a disruption to productivity can impact a workplace.


In addition to this, any hand injury that requires medical attention will raise your business’s Total Recordable Incident Rate.

The Different Kinds of Hand Hazards


The American Bureau of Labour Statistics released a report in 2002. It revealed that more than one-sixth of all injuries and illnesses involving days away from work were hand related. There are several different categories of hand hazards in the workplace: pinch points, rotating parts, automation, temperature, and entanglement.

Pinch Points


Places found between two objects where hands can get caught.

Rotating Parts


Clutches, spindles and fans can cause serious injury, mainly when gloves are loose-fitting and get caught in machinery.



A machine programmed to start on its own can catch someone off guard and trap their hands.



Machinery such as injection moulders and welding instruments have hot areas that can cause severe burns. Even transfer pipes in refrigeration are so cold that these can also cause burns.



Loose clothing, PPE, or jewellery increases the risk of staff catching their hands on moving machinery. Always remove any unnecessary items to potential injury.

It is vital to be aware of the many hazards present in your workplace. Awareness allows you to equip yourself with PPE to help protect against potential hand injuries on site.

Preventing Hand Injuries


Hazards can be reduced using PPE and safety protocols. However, protection in and of itself will not prevent injury. Hand injuries are caused by a multitude of factors in the workplace. Some of the most common causes are


  • Disregard of safety procedure
  • Distractions
  • Carelessness
  • Use of incorrect tools
  • Incorrect or ill-fitting PPE


When the correct safety protocols are in place and adhered to, hand injuries are largely avoidable. Awareness, training and the correct PPE is essential to preventing hand injuries. If gloves are ill-fitting, employees may take chances and remove their gloves for relief from the discomfort. Good quality hand protection is designed to be comfortable and easier to wear for extended periods.

Please speak to our team for free advice on this.

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Workplace Awareness


It is important that your employees are aware of both potential risks and their direct surroundings. Knowing their environment and its potential risks enable staff to move safely through the workplace and reduces negligence. Training programs and the correct PPE will contribute to better protecting your workers.


Even skilled and experienced workers are vulnerable to injury. Human error, in the form of distraction or fatigue, can easily lead to severe injuries. So, always be sure that your team is not working too many hours consecutively. Keep a close eye on schedules as staff sometimes try and work more than they should in the hopes of earning overtime or a promotion.



Ensuring workplace awareness requires safety training. When a new employee enters the workplace, they must be trained in all safety procedures. However, it cannot end there; continuous training must become part of your company culture. Even short reminders of the potential risks and safety procedures can be effective in maintaining employee awareness.


Regular refreshers go a long way to keep safety at the forefront of your employees’ minds.


With a proactive approach to hand safety, you should also ensure that workers take necessary breaks to be sufficiently refreshed and alert.


A great tactic is to provide your team with free resources and training in hand health, such as stretches and exercises.

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Hand Safety PPE


Prevent hand injuries by getting your employees to wear the proper hand protection. Ensure that a zero-tolerance policy for not wearing PPE is in place. Showa produces gloves for industries across the board, from waste management to ceramics.


Protective gloves prevent exposure to many injuries or hazards.


A World Leader in Hand Safety


Showa is a world leader in the development of products for hand safety. Their DURACoil range offers comfort, cut resistance and durability, while their environmentally-conscious disposable nitrile gloves are biodegradable.


It is crucial to ensure that the gloves you stock are job-specific and that they fit correctly. In addition, hand protection must be checked for damage or wear before each use and replaced if damaged.


At Delta Health and Safety, we supply Showa’s extensive range of hand protection. Showa produces gloves for a vast range of applications and has an impressive reputation in the PPE industry.