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Claw Induna Knee length gumboot is a multiple purpose gumboot with a soft toe

Technical Information

Claw Induna Gumboot


Claw Induna Knee length gumboot is a multiple purpose gumboot.


The Induna with a soft toe has the following features:


  • Tough, rugged yet stylish.
  • SABS Approved
  • The CLAW Sole is ergonomically designed to disperse body weight reducing stud pressure and foot fatigue maximizes comfort leading to increased productivity.
  • CLAW “TOES FREE” System .The continues movement of the toes inside the front of the boot creates a bellows effect pumping out hot air and taking in cool which reduces bacterial propagation.
  • Profile CLAW positioned on the instep is designed to assist in climbing.
  • Dual density PVC creates a shock absorbent layer.
  • Unlike any other boot in the market all CLAW Boots are designed to fit like a shoe, minimizing foot and ankle movement inside the boot. The increased foot stability, allows the boot to “Track” the wearers foot.affording greater agility while reducing “slip and falls” and “ankle twists”


Also available Claw Hi Viz Gumboot


WARNING: Safety footwear helps reduce exposures to certain workplace dangers. User is solely responsible for selection of appropriate PPE equipment for the setting and application. Before use, the wearer must read and understand the User Instructions provided as a part of the product packaging and for ensuring proper donning and doffing.


This article gives a brief overview of safety footwear

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