Introducing uvex’s pheos delta – Exclusive to Delta Health and Safety


uvex Safety Eyewear Designed with Our Customers in Mind

At Delta Health and Safety, our customers’ safety is our number one priority. Employers bear the burden of expensive PPE, so we aim to provide quality at a reasonable price.


Many of our customers enquired about premium safety eyewear at a more affordable rate. So we reached out to uvex to create a range of quality safety eyewear that is budget-friendly.


You asked, and we listened. The result is outstanding. We are proud to introduce uvex pheos delta.

uvex pheos delta is Exclusively Available at Delta Health and Safety


We built a close relationship with the uvex safety group over many years of working together. This relationship enabled us to bring you a product created exclusively for Delta customers.


The uvex pheos delta bears the markers of uvex safety eyewear, and there is no compromise on quality. The biggest difference is that this range comes at a lower price point.

Introducing uvex pheos delta - Anti-Fog Coating | Delta Health & Safety

What Makes this Range Great?


uvex is renowned for quality and respected as one of the leading safety eyewear manufacturers globally.


The uvex pheos delta models stand up to this, offering the features you would expect and some extras. It is also certified to EN 166 and EN 170 standards.

Introducing uvex pheos delta - Anti-Fog Coating | Delta Health & Safety

uvex’s Unique Anti-Fog Coating


An unobstructed field of vision is a must in industrial settings. Preventing safety eyewear from fogging up is essential.


uvex’s unique anti-fog coating gets baked into both sides of the uvex pheos delta’s lenses during manufacture. Having the anti-fog on both sides of the lens prevents the glasses from fogging up whether you are moving between temperature and humidity variations, or simply wearing a mask for COVID protocol.


The process of baking the anti-fog into the lenses also means that it does not wash off, wipe off or scratch off – giving you a lasting and clear view of the job at hand.

Lenses You Can Rely On


The uvex pheos delta models feature a duo-spherical lens that provides a large field of vision. Lenses of this shape have extra curvature at their upper edge, which provides a brow guard. Broad temples also offer superb side protection.


The frameless lenses consist of polycarbonate, making them lightweight, durable and giving them an impact rating of F=45m/s.


They come in two lens tints: A Clear lens for indoor applications or a carefully formulated 53% transmission light grey lens for both indoor and outdoor applications. The indoor/outdoor lens is light enough to ensure clear vision indoors (EN170) whilst dark enough to meet EN172 for use in outdoor light conditions. Both colour options provide the wearer with 100% UV protection up to 400nm.

Introducing uvex pheos delta - Duo-Spherical Lens | Delta Health & Safety
Introducing uvex pheos delta - 100% Metal Free | Delta Health & Safety

100% Metal-Free


The uvex pheos delta range is 100% metal-free, making it safer to use in explosive environments.


Metal-free safety eyewear is also light, does not oxidise and is better for allergy sufferers.

Comfort is Key


A prominent reason given by employees for not wearing safety eyewear is discomfort. uvex creates safety eyewear with the wearer in mind.


The unique sidearm design on pheos delta glasses keeps you cool, calm and focused by providing exceptional ventilation. This design also allows for a slim profile preventing uncomfortable pressure points.


We know that your safety glasses are just one part of the necessary PPE you wear. This range offers a narrow geometry making it highly compatible with earmuffs, helmets and respiratory products.

Introducing uvex pheos delta - Comfort is Key | Delta Health & Safety
Introducing uvex pheos delta - Accessories | Delta Health & Safety

Functional Accessories


uvex safety eyewear prioritises functionality, and the pheos delta range is no different. It features a selection of accessories to optimise and streamline use.


The sidearms and earpieces have special slots for attaching a hang cord or an elasticated headband. A spare frame insert is also available, and when used with a headband, turns the glasses into close-fitting goggles.


These helpful accessories give you an easy way to keep your safety glasses in place or close at hand.

Premium Brand Quality at an Affordable Price Point


The pheos delta range is fashionable and comfortable while providing the protection you expect from uvex and Delta Health and Safety. It is suited to various industries, from oil and gas to agriculture.


This year, choose premium quality at a reasonable price, exclusively available to Delta Health and Safety customers.